Laura Aubert is commonly known to create colorful paintings mixed with fabric textures. In her work tactility shares a leading role with visual effects, not knowing what calls the viewer’s attention more. Her inspiration comes from the natural landscapes which feature the process of metamorphosis, though a variety of fabric textures, allowing the viewer to break away from traditional representation of nature and letting create their own imaginary world as the protagonist in the narrative of the painting.

Laura’s paintings inspire the viewer to connect emotionally. She expresses something of the human vulnerability. It's about allowing all emotions to flow through love becoming a unique opportunity to truly know the depths. Not having absolute control of the situation, the possibility of harm and still without losing our capacity of evolution, learning and enthusiasm. She constructs exaggerated depictions of connected bodies which anatomies create visual forms integrating the figures with background, opening the doors to fantasy.


The variety of textures and materials gives shape to an exuberant nature that drives us to touch it, to feel the roughness of those textil backgrounds. A single piece of artwork may contains many different processes through which materials and mediums have been constructed in a variety of ways and layers. She applies acrylic paint and textures created with papers and fabrics. Silk paper is also applied to her work to alter its effect and intensify its transparencies and profound colour. Laura's methods also include experimenting using different types of papers, fabrics, embroidery, lace, zippers, feathers and sequins to achieve her desired effect.

Another important element in Laura’s work focuses on exploring colour which coming innately and it  gives her an immense freedom. Her paintings are expressed in a deep understanding of value and colour balance, which is captured to depict emotion.

In her works decorativism does not trivialize but rather constitute the subject matter, thus neutralizing prejudices against pictorial aestheticism. Through incorporating tissues Laura Aubert expands the notion of artistic by introducing elements that did not used to belong to the world of artistic painting. A genuinely feminine sensibility shows through the emphasis placed on tissues.


2020 Mural painting on Hostelle Barcelona.

2014-2019 Ciutat7 Gallery, Gothic, Barcelona.

2018 L'Atelier de Pilar Güell, Barcelona.

2017 Montcada Gallery , Barcelona.
2016 Les Voltes Gallery, Olot, Girona.
2015 BCN Painting Route, Barcelona.

2014 Kölner liste Fair, Cologne, Germany.
2012 La Garonne expose, Toulouse.
2012 selected in the LXX Painting Prize Centelles, Barcelona.
2011 Exhibition Batlló House, Barcelona.
2011 Great Christmas Fair of creators, Marsella.
2011 FusionArte Gallery, Barcelona.
2011 Encant-Girona Gallery, Catalunya.
2010 Red03 Gallery, Barcelona.
2009 selected in the VII Painting Prize Menarini at the Badalona Museum.
2009 selected in the Illustration prize Asie en Lumieres, Paris.
2009 collaboration with MNAC (Catalan National Art Museum)

to create of a large-format story about Catalan Modernism.
2007-2005 I have published works in Opcions Magazine.
2006 I have published works in Biocultura Newspaper.